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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the white housesot withoutcontr. and the ripple effts arspreadine right now on nbc bay area news the final push for the white house is not without controversy. the news at 5 starts right now. thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. we're ten days from the race of the white house. early voting has started in many states, including san jose. you see the election has people there lacing their ballots this
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weekend donald trump hammering hillary clinton over the revelation there is more e-mails being revealed. trump is calling it the biggest scandal since water gate. it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right out before an election. in fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and deeply troubling. >> hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal conduct. >> also there is this, the justice department reportedly strongly discouraged comey from alerting congress the new evidence has been discovered. he said not doing so would break with long standing policies for elections. >> as controversy swirls around
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the election, candidates are working hard to work hard to get the vote out for their candidate. >> hey, terry, i'm here outside of the registering voters and it has been nonstop all day. folks doing their duty and getting their duty done and getting it in early. this while they're hitting it hard on their ground game. trump supporters making their message loud and clear in this blue state. >> several dozen trump supporters lined up overlooking 680 making a pitch to voter. >> they are driving around with trump signs on the back of their truck and they're go round and around. >> it comes as they're on the phone getting out to vote in battleground states. >> now they're calling and do
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you have a more negative opinion? >> no, no one asked about that. >> volunteers say the latest controversy doesn't seem to be slowing their momentum. >> i hope enough information comes out quickly enough that we'll keep undecided voters from moving away from hillary. >> coming up at 6:00, we're going to talk a bay area congressman mike honda. his conversation is very interesting. he gives us what he feels is the real issue. rick boone nbc bay area news. >> thank you if you want to study up for the election, and there is a lot to study up, go to nbc bay learn more about the candidates specific to your city. a man fighting for his life
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after being shot in san jose. police are investigating if it happened at an underground nightclub. it happened just west of where 101 meets i 80. that is where marianne favro is with new developments. >> police are investigating that aspect of the shooting. it happened in the back of the industrial complex behind me. police say there was some kind of party going on here early this morning. one man was shot, someone drove him to a near-by hospital and he was suffering from life threatening injuries. a business owner says he arrived at his business early in the morning and saw lots of young people partying in the parking lot and dancing in suite 107.
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>> there was a lot of cars, there was a lot of girls and guys and they're 18 to 21. they were drinking, hanging out he here. >> he said he only saw it on friday and saturday nights, not during the week. police say they don't know what lead up to the shoots. so far they have not made any arrests in this case. thank you, we're learning new details in the case of a morgan hill man arrested for actually assault. a string of people have come forward to accuse him. one woman said evans actuallyly assaulted her several times in the course of one night. after his arrest several other victims came forward.
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police are continuing to search for leading after the killing of a prominent attorney in front of his home. no suspects have been identified for the shooting of james gilliland. he had just come home when he was confronted and shot by an unknown gunman. he was a prominent san francisco attorney who represented clients like apple, which oracle, and sony. in the bay, it looked like the set of a block buster movie, but this was real. take a look. ka boom. it doesn't work for me, just for her. this is the foundation of the earn fan of the bay bridge. you see it goes boom, happened about 11:30 a.m., chp made sure no one was close to the bridge sight. traffic was slowed and the bike path was closed for the day.
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they are set for similar demolitions here, and we'll have those for you. >> protestors haunted streets today for better housing. take a look at the castro creepy crawl. lbgt groups spoke out about needs affordable housing. rent in san francisco is crazy, among the highest in the country. speeches were held before protestors set off. >> in this time, we want people to know what the real scary thing happening and it is the rental market. >> they made their way down the streets wearing kcostumes and playing music. let's check the weather right now. we had our rain, it seemed to go
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away for the most part. >> it has been quite the month, hasn't it? lots of activity. more than we had this time of year. the fog moving inland as we speak. we have another round of rain headed our way tonight. early in the morning, if you're headed out, you may want to grab that rab jacket or a poncho. showers by midnight. the heavy rain will not push in into 5:00 or 6:00, if you're going to be coming in that late, you will need the umbrellas. for everyone tells will be dry. around 10:00 showers will start to develop. maybe just a rumble of thunder tonight. that timeline is coming up in just a little bit. >> he called us out. >> those days are past me. >> long gone. >> i remember sleeping in.
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>> furniture that is peeling off in bits and pieces may be in your home. consumers are demanding an explanation and they want money back a national problem, coming up next. a truly unusual adoption invest for san francisco. they're adopting storm drains. we'll show you why.
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speaking of which, nbc bay area responds, many people have reached out to us saying their leather furniture is peeling and cracking. >> this resident covers up his sofa and love seat with guilts. >> it's an eye soar now. >> the material is peeling off. it started with little patches and then it spread. >> i was a bis disappointed. >> he paid $800 for the furniture three years ago. it's made with bonded leather, he says that doesn't know what it meant but the sales person told him it was durable and
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would last at least five years but he says it started after just two years. >> if i had known they would self-destruct within two years i would not have purchased them. >> when he complained, they told him he had a one year warranty and he is out of luck. >> mercedes and clifton harrison of oakland played 1200 for a set from jennifer convertibles. they thought they were buying genuine leather. >> it felt and smelt like leather. >> they say within two years, the furniture started to crack. >> if we wanted ragty furniture, we would not have paid that kind of money. >> they felt some relief, they got a furniture protection plan, but they're claim was denied.
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consumers across the country are having the same problem with bonded leather furniture. >> it comes off in sheets. >> the response team at our station in chicago has more than 700 complaints. the leather industries of america is a supplier, they say marketers of bonded leather are trying to fool consumer into thinking they're buying real leather. so what is bonded leather, anyway. not totally leather. it consistents of ground up leather fibers glued to a piece of fabric. the top layer, which is often just plastic, is embossed to look like leather. so there is no leather on the surface. >> no consumer should be bamboozled like this, it's not good business. they have guidelines for things with bonded leather like
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handbags and shoes, but for furniture, there is no guidelines. bonded leather in furniture is usually only 15 to 20% leather. these consumers are frustrated but they hope they can help others. >> i'm glad we're making everyone aware of it. >> jennifer convertibles reiterated the harrisons received bonded leather but said they should not be having troubles after just two years. here is tips for getting real leather. read the tag. ask kwis about what it is made off and make sure you're getting what you paid for.
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>> if you a tip, you can call or visit our website. coming up at 5:00, they're not cute, not cuddlcuddly, but they're up for adoption all of the same. >> why people across san francisco are adopting storm drains. >> it is halloween weekend, we have that tricky forecast in the next few days, we'll break it down for you coming up after this. easy for neighbhoo to becomeflo=
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with more rain in store across the bay area this weekend, it's easy for neighborhoods to become flooded. >> several people turns out for the annual event at the waste water treatment plant to be part of the program they sign up to keep an eye on a train, making sure it is clutter free. >> these people are really helping us out, doing a service to the city and their neighborhoods. they feel like it is a simple thing to do. >> there are more than 2800 drains in san francisco, so there are still a lot of drains available if you're interested in adopting a drain. i suggest you adopt one close to your house -- >> what happens when your drain
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is responsible for neighborhood flooding. you saw the leaves there, it is a good program. >> there is not a lot of -- >> and it will be reining when? >> we have another storm system coming in. i know lots of folks are celebrating in the days leading up to halloween. we have plenty in store for you tonight. shrouds from the north bay to the south bay. temperatures are not that bad. doing pretty good, we have another storm system headed our way primarily after midnight. more of the same, and a good mix of sun and clouds. you will be reiny. rain at times and look at this, on and off rain from the east bay to the south bay. now in the morning hours, a little bit of a break and then it will develop once again in the evening.
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here is the culprit. we have an area of low pressure spinning and it will kick up a few more light showers, a lot of that activity staying north of the pbay bridge. you will note the heavy rains here staying off shore tonight until after midnight. if you're headed out, you'll be okay, just some light showers. one thing that happens tomorrow morning, wide spread rain returns across the entire region by seven. and then bursts of heavy rain there are out of here by early afternoon. winds starting to gust as the rain pushes through. half moon bay, the interior valleys, 25 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, again, a wet start to the day, at 70 for coopertino.
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low 60s for san francisco. limited sunshine tomorrow. morning rain and a shot of the afternoon rain and we'll take you to the time line. here is what it will look like. tomorrow, widespread rain, we clear out after about 1:00 and another burst around 5:00. if you do have those, tomorrow will be the best day out of the weekend seeing the heaviest rain come for tomorrow. then as we move towards monday, we will get a break. this is halloween evening. look at the south bay, dry by 5:00. not until 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00. it will be just enough to ruin the plans and make you carry an umbrella. here is what we're looking at. about a quarter of an inch for
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that next round of rain. maybe more than an inch. here is your halloween forecast. we're expecting 60s for that evening, and half halloween, we dry out until saturday. i know peggy you're planning your kids party next week -- >> a lot of parents are watching the forecast keeping their eye on halloween and i have that out door birthday party. >> that's all right, we need the rain. >> still to come, here at five. >> boo at the zoo. we love this every year. a halloween celebration today. there were a lot oanimals"outsi
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the san francisco zotoday...=vo= eck out tse toddlersressed as their forite anima at there were a lot of animals outside of their enclosures at the zoo today. these toddlers were dressed as their favorite animals at boo at the zoo. the san francisco zoo organized several halloween themed events, there was even a costume contest
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judged by nbc bay areas michelle roberts. that is a tough dig. then all of the moms are looking at you saying what about my kid. >> adorable costumes. so fun. the bae area is earnly home to many musicians. we're not only profiling legends, but up and coming musicians as well. that includes up and comer kehalni. >> i did my first party on you stream. i would play it, and answer questions coming in, streaming things, periscope is cool. >> she was in the television and
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social media spotlight. don't miss bay area revelations the musicians tomorrow after sunday night football. coming up, continuing coverage on the race for the white house, the fbi e-mail bomb shell released this week and raising questions about ballots already cast. >> what led to this chaos on the run way in chicago. >> and an east bay native american youth group where people are protesting against the pipeline share their experience and close calls. welcome back and thks for joini
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i'm pgy nker terry/2-st== as both presidentl cdidates hits
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to be on those newl welcome back, thank you for joining us here. candidates on the campaign trail today the focus continues to be on hillary clinton e-mails. >> donald trump is hammering mrs. clinton about the controversy, all of this coming just ten days before the election, we have more. >> in colorado donald trump is reenergized seizing from the latest fbi bomb shed able more e-mails. >> this is the biggest political scandal since cater gate and it is everyone's deepest hope that justice, at last, can be delivered. >> they found e-mails on a computer belonging to


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